Rules and Structure

Competition Structure and Rules

Prelim, Novice, Elementary, Medium and Advanced Medium, Small Tour (PSG and PSG Freestyle), Large Tour (Grand Prix and Grand Prix Freestyle) structure

Qualifying Stage
Classes to run from August 2016 to May 2017

  • The principal venues are appointed by agreement with Dressage at Hickstead
  • Qualifying Classes can be run at Principal Show Venues
  • Principal show venues may invite subsidiary venues in their region to hold qualifying classes for the regions semi finals to be held at the principal show venue
  • Points are awarded 10 points for 1st place down to 1 point for 10th place
  • Points will be accumulated to allow entry to the semi finals (or where no principal venue yet exists, will allow, with the agreement of Dressage at Hickstead, direct entry to the Finals. This is to allow the development of the classes in outlying areas

Semi Final Stage
To be held before the FIRST WEEK OF JUNE subject to regional variations and to suit organisers

A regional ‘semi final will be held at each of the Principal Show Venues for those horse and rider combinations that have gained points at that venue or any of its subsidiary participating venues based on a ‘cut’ set by that venue in relation to total points gained by 10th May 2016.

Where a region does not yet have an appointed principal show venue to run a regional qualifier, an appointed person will collect and verifythe points as forwarded by the riders.
Dressage at Hickstead will accept competitors to the finals from the lists provided by the appointed person or the regional championships

Final Stage
Dressage Masters Championships
A final will be held at Hickstead Premier League 20-24 June 2017. The top placed horse and rider combinations from the regional semi-finals. 4 combinations at each level from each semi-final will qualify with further entries being accepted as far as class entries allow. Some wild cards may be permitted.

Grand Prix and Small Tour
Small Tour
These will be sent from each principal venue on a points accumulation basis with no semi-Final.

Grand Prix Tour
These Horses will send their points directly to Dressage at Hickstead. Points can be gained from any affiliated Grand Prix and the competitor is responsible for registering these points with DAH. These entries will be by points achieved at Affiliated level on an accumulation basis and subject to class start number availability.

Points Structure
1                      10

2                      9

3                      8

4                      7

5                      6

6                      5

7                      4

8                      3

9                      2

10                    1

We hope that you have a successful qualifying season and look forward to seeing you at Hickstead in 2017.